Instructions for Authors

Manuscript has been prepared in accordance with standards set forth by the 6th Edition of the American Psychological Association Publication Manual. The only journal-specific modifications to these guidelines are described in the points below.
Abstract has been included between 150-250 words, followed by up to 5 keywords.
Specific reporting standards have been followed for the transparent reporting of methods and results for different study types (more information here).
If human subjects were used, describe the methods of informed consent as well as the ethical review board that approved the research protocol.
Tables appear in the manuscript where they should appear in the final piece.
Figures appear in the manuscript where they should appear in the final piece.
Written permission has been obtained for quotations of greater than 500 words.
Written permission has been obtained for the re-printing of tables and/or figures.
Any abbreviations are defined at first use.
Spelling and grammar check has been performed.
Cover letter has been prepared including the full names and contact information of the authors, a list of three recommended reviewers (with current e-mail addresses), a statement that the research has not been previously published and is not under concurrent consideration elsewhere, and a disclosure of any financial or non-financial conflicts of interest.
Manuscript and accompanying materials (including the curriculum vitae of each author) have been submitted electronically (on this page). By submitting your manuscript, you are attesting that all authors have granted their permission to do so.
All authors have read and agreed to the Terms & Conditions.
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